FLAGSHIP PROGRAM 3 (FP3): Integrated Farm And Household Management

The goal of this flagship is to capacitate stakeholders such that they can improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability of smallholder farming systems using on-farm and in-household innovations to ensure household nutritional security and enhanced income generation through integrated crop, tree and livestock production systems. Its specific objectives are:

  • To design, test and scale improved crop-tree-livestock management options and their interactions to optimize productivity and enhance resource use-efficiency;
  • To increase the productivity and agro-biodiversity in farming systems and strengthen household livelihoods through improved nutrition and dietary diversity;
  • To increase the climate resilience of farming systems through integrated soil, crop, water and nutrient management approaches;
  • To manage and conserve the natural resource base and close nutrient cycles to avoid soil fertility losses; and
  • To use (with FP1 and FP2) Innovation Platform (IP) approaches to identify opportunities for value chain enhancement.

The Cluster of Activities include:

  1. Cropping systems management
  2. Innovations for managing abiotic and biotic stresses
  3. Testing, adapting and validating options
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