FLAGSHIP PROGRAM 1 (FP1): Priority Setting and Impact Acceleration

Progress during 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018

The overall objective of FP1 is to ensure that GLDC research is demand-driven, outcome-focused, inclusive and scalable with high potential for large impact contributing to the Strategy and Results Framework (SRF) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The role of FP1 in GLDC is through its cluster of activities (CoAs), the interaction with other GLDC FPs and crosscutting areas, and with key stakeholders.

Stakeholder engagement (i.e. with public, private sector and other development actors) is crucial and increases through the research cycle process.

FP1 will generate evidence and support learning on GLDC innovations with the largest development impact. FP1 will facilitate these processes across all GLDC FPs and thereby achieve:

  • Improved targeting and responsiveness of research to end-user demands for accelerated scaling and impact of research outputs;
  • Development of more inclusive technologies and related innovations; and
  • Dissemination of evidence to enable scaling up

The Cluster of Activities include:

  1. Foresight, climate change analysis and priority setting
  2. Value chains, markets and drivers of adoption
  3. Enhancing gender integration and social inclusion in the drylands
  4. Enabling environments and scaling to accelerate impact
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